Fusion Worbar is a 24/7 Shared Office & Showroom for event industry professionals operated by Fusion Networks, LLC.


Also available for all professionals needing a space to host client meetings. This subscription-based program will guarantee to expand your business for less than the cost of catering your client to coffee or food at a public venue. All drinks, snacks, wine, keg, kitchen, printing and wifi included!

Luis "Like Dis"

The Party Rescue


“Fusion WorkBar's supplies have made it so much easier to upsell my services. Being able to demo uplighting and other things is something I could not do at a coffee shop.”​

Leonardo "Leo"

Next Level Entertainment


“Fusion WorkBar's professional setting has allowed me to increase my business. The subscription for the entire year has paid for itself after my first few meetings. Definitely worth it and the best investment I could have made!!”

Valente "DJ VTeq"

Vida Weddings + Events


“The office has elevated our business tremendously. I can’t tell you how many times clients walk in and are amazed by the place. They feel right at home and always impressed with the décor, the equipment, the overall presentation of the place. Every DJ or vendor should have a space like this. It beats meeting with clients in a public setting where there is noise and distractions. They can see first-hand what equipment you’d be using, what the lighting will look like, show them pictures from past events on the huge TV. This place has so much to offer and I recommend it to any vendor that wants to close the deal with more clients." 

Jesus Is A DJ

Dash Radio/MusicMaster


“As someone that is employed by a company that has all their employees work from home, the Fusion WorkBar has been a great professional environment for me to focus on my daily task. The wifi, printing, and 24/7 access has allowed me to increase my productivity. So much better than a noisy coffee shop for taking client calls!"

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